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Scholarships EXPO- STUDY ABROAD is a unique event of national importance in Macedonia, where a variety of study programs, scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to Macedonian citizens for studying abroad are presented at a single location.

The Educational Advising Center Skopje launched for a first time the event Scholarships EXPO in 2010.

The event is annual,  recognizable, high-profile Macedonian educational brand and a highly valued initiative promoting investment in knowledge and human potential.


 Hotel Continental - Skopje


From 2015 we extend the spectrum of participants and we are initiating new name of the event "Scholarship EXPO - Study Abroad 2015".
The main goal of the EXPO is promotion of study aboard and importance of scholarships as opening and increasing access to higher education and to help prospective students and academic society on all levels in the process of finding programs and financial sources for education abroad (scholarships and financial aid for studying abroad, research stay, academic work).
EXPO also promote the importance of finding the right study program and bringing learning outcomes in line with the needs of the labor market.
Participants at the EXPO are international institutions, whose representatives provide all necessary information on its study and scholarship programs and answer visitors' questions. Participating institutions are universities, embassies and cultural centers of foreign countries in Macedonia.

Scholarships EXPO- Study abroad event
The EXPO usually is held at the end of October. The event venue is Hotel CONTINENTAL Skopje. The event starts at 10 am till 4.30 pm.
The EXPO is composed of two elements: the EXHIBITORS Hall - where the exhibitors (i.e. universities, scholarship-awarding institutions) will present their study and scholarships programs directly to the visitors of the event. Alongside the exhibiting area, is a separate PRESENTATION room- where on 30 min time schedule will be held presentations on programs offered by participants, round table discussions, and other events related to participant institution, scholarships and other forms of financial aid for higher education programs. For those who will not be able to visit EXPO at the venue, we create on-line Scholarships database - web portal: www.stipendii.mk / www.scholarships.mk

All visitors at the EXPO are registered at the entrance. After the event all institutions are obtaining list of visitor profiles that visited its stand.

Participating institutions will have representatives at their stands, who will present their study programs, scholarships and other forms of financial aid (if available) for higher education. Every year we have approximately 30 participants /exhibiting institutions. 

In addition to the exhibitors' display stands, the EXPO will include a rich additional program of 30-minute presentations by institutions on its study programs, and those that award and/or administer scholarships. The presentations will enable visitors to learn more about the particular study programs, scholarship-awarding institutions, as well as their criteria for admission and awarding scholarships. 

On-line Scholarships Database
The On-line database Scholarships.mk (stated in April 2012) is in correlation with the EXPO and will provide comprehensive information about the exhibitors and the scholarships that they offer for studying in Macedonia or abroad.
EAC Skopje start to create the scholarships portal www.stipendii.mk in April 2010. The portal started with operation in April 2012.
The www.stipendii.mk portal is the first Internet portal on scholarships available to Macedonian citizens for study in Macedonia or abroad but also is aimed for youth from the region.
The portal contains a number of useful sections, such as:

  • Study abroad programs and information on the application process
  • Steps to take when applying
  • List of necessary documents and preliminary steps
  • Advice on helpful books, courses, and Internet resources
  • Scholarship competitions
  • Up-to-date list of open competitions
  • Scholarships search engine (criteria: level, field, and place of study)
  • Free subscription to notifications on new competitions

The www.stipendii.mk portal represents the largest and most up-to-date resource on study abroad and scholarship options in Macedonia and abroad and is therefore the best place to start looking for program or scholarship.

Scholarships EXPO Study abroad "Info Brochure" and "EXPO REVIEW"
The official Info brochure of the EXPO, is distributed to visitors during the event. It contain the official list of participants, event time program and Sponsors lists.
The EXPO Review is prepared after the event and include all information about the exhibitors and their profiles, study programs, scholarships and financial aid offered to international students. This review is announced electronically on the scholarships.mk web portal and is distributed to all database subscribers. This will provide the prospective students with a single source of information about a wide variety of study programs, scholarships possibilities presented at the event, as well as key information about particular exhibitors.

Sponsors, supporting institutions and partners
In order to ensure the highest quality and best public visibility of the EXPO, the EAC Skopje is currently negotiating with potential sponsors, advertisers, partners, supporting institutions and media sponsors for the EXPO. Should you be interested in any of these forms of collaboration, please feel free to contact us.

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